Virtual AGM August 6th at 19:30

Canadian Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Please note our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 7:30 pm.  Due to COVID-19, in order to maintain everyone’s health and safety, the Steering Committee has decided to use Zoom to hold an online meeting.  If you wish to join us via computer and have not received an email invitation please send us your coordinates to and we will send you the Zoom information. You may also listen to the proceedings by phone.  An email with the meeting information will be sent a few days prior to the meeting. 

Telephone Help Line

Starting this month, the federal government sent out a one-time $300 tax-free payment to recipients of Old Age Security (OAS).   However, the reality for most us is that the financial impact of the pandemic has resulted in many of us actually spending less money than we would otherwise.  We are not traveling, we are not eating out, we are not shopping, (some of us can’t figure out how to shop online anyway), so we find we don’t need all the $300.  However, like other charitable non-profits, we are feeling the pinch, especially a reduction in donations and our expenses have not gone away.  And we still need to maintain our website, support phone line, and Zoom, etc.  As well we are planning for when we can have live meetings again and the added costs they will entail with physical distancing and sanitizing requirements required at the Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre.

We’d like to ask that you consider donating all or at least a part or what you can afford of the $300 to our Prostate Cancer Support Group. Remember that with tax benefits your actual cost of the donation is 30-50% less than the amount we receive. You can use the Canada Helps link at the bottom of the page should want to respond.


Prostate Cancer Canada Network

Montreal West Island

Annual General Meeting

Thursday, August 6,  2020 at 7:30pm.


Chair: Bob Johannson

Zoom Moderator: Neil Glazer


Approval of Agenda


Approval of the Minutes from the Annual General Meeting of May 23, 2019


President’s Report


Treasurer’s Report


The following Members are willing to stand for the 2020-2021 year:


President                      Bob Johannson                  Officer

Vice President              vacant                                 Officer

Secretary                       vacant                                Officer

Treasurer                      John Warren                       Officer

Director                         Dr. Irwin Kuzmarov             Founding Member

Director                         Steve Robertson                Newsletter/Speakers

Director                         Owen Condon                    Membership Database

Director                         Allan Moore                        Library/Hall Setup

Director                         Neil Glazer                          Hospitality

Director                         Ron Sawatzky                     Phone Outreach

Director                         Allen Lehrer                        Greeter

Director                         Sylvain Cote                        Member at Large


New Business


Motion to change our name from Prostate Cancer Canada Network- Montreal West Island to Prostate Cancer Support Group-Montreal West Island.  Earlier in 2020 the Prostate Cancer Canada Network was absorbed by the Canadian Cancer Society because of this action of PCCN it has forced us to change our name.



Important Links

Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide


West Island Cancer Wellness Center

Understanding the Disease

Canadian Cancer Society


Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre

1335 Bord du lac, Dorval

Free Admission and Parking


All are welcome

Information :  514-694-6412

Spotlight on Research

Can exercise slow Prostate cancer growth?

Toronto, March 12, 2018 - Funded by Prostate Cancer Canada

Our mission:

    We are a Montreal  West Island support for those who need help dealing with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and coping the ensuing problems. Our membership meets monthly for talks and peer to peer conversations.  We also disseminate information at a wide range of community functions and in our quarterly newsletter.

Our meetings:

   Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month except July, August and December. Our meetings often involve an invited speaker, followed by refreshments and conversation. A wide variety of helpful literature is available to take home.

Our Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 722
      Pointe Claire, QC
      Canada H9R 4S8
Steering Committee Members / Executive


Please click here if you would like to make a contribution ( and receive a tax credit ).